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Mounam Pesiyadhe Theme Tab

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Here is the guitar tab for Mounam Pesiyadhe theme. Timing is important in this piece. Practice by listening to the original song in sync. (h) denotes the usage of hammer on, but it can be omitted.





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January 3, 2010 at 8:17 pm

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Tasty Corn

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This happened back in the days when bro and me were small kids. We used to grow corn in our garden. One day, a nice ol’ lady who happens to be a friend of mom visited our home.



Nice ol’ lady (Scrunching on the corn): Oh my! The corn is very tasty. What kind of fertilizer do you use?

Mom: I don’t use fertilizers. The soil in our garden is good to grow corn.

My mother goes to the kitchen to get some tea.  My bro tugs nice ol’ lady’s arm and talks in a matter-of-fact way

Bro: Granny! I helped in growing the corn too.

Nice ol’ lady: Such a sweet little boy! What did you do? Help mommy in watering the plants?

Bro: Yes, I did. Actually she doesn’t know I help too.  I pee on them daily. My science teacher said that it has urea……

From that day onwards, the nice ol’ lady had a stiff upper lip.

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December 21, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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Mouna Raagam Theme Tab

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Here is the guitar tab for Mouna Raagam Theme


Repeat the above piece again




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October 18, 2009 at 3:10 pm

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Thinking from the Heart – Guest column by Nirmal

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Karthik’s mobile beeped. It was early morning and Karthik was half asleep. He wondered who would have smsed him at time. He thought it must be some wake up / sms forward. He walked to the desk and picked his mobile and saw who had left the sms. It was Vignesh’s sms.

“I will there in 20 minutes time” – Karthik replied to his sms and started immediately.

Karthik started on his bike. It was raining but he was determined to reach there in 20 mins. It was a very well known location to everyone in the city. He went straight to fifth floor and saw Vignesh waiting in front of the ICU. There were a lot of relatives and family members of Vignesh’s friend Vijay.

“What happened?” – Karthik asked.

“He was supposed to join a new company in Bangalore on Monday. He went for shopping to buy things on the last moment and while returning home, his bike met with an accident yesterday night on Velachery highway. A good Samaritan helped him and admitted here. He has suffered multiple head injuries and is in ICU”

Vignesh’s friend was a professional acquaintance to Karthik. All studied in the same college but different branches of engineering. Vignesh and Karthik were classmates. Vijay and Vignesh were bus mates. Karthik came to know about his friend only at work. He used to work in the same office as Karthik’s. Only couple of days back he came to know about Vijay’s FAREWELL day at work and Karthik wished him good luck for a new venture.

Karthik was slightly getting dizzy seeing the people and emotional events happening around him. It was never a place to visit. Vignesh accompanied Karthik to a nearby tea stall. As they were sipping their coffee, Karthik asked Vignesh

“Where is Srinivasan? Why hasn’t he come now? Is he not in town? Is he in US by any chance now?”

“No, he is here. I called him up and he said he was not allowed to come by his parents as they have a religious family function at his home.”

Karthik didn’t want to continue talking about it further. Srinivasan was Vignesh and Vijay’s best friend. All three were very close and were best buddies since college. They can be always spotted together. Last time, Karthik saw them together in a reception, a year back. First Karthik thought there must have been some misunderstanding between the three. Being his best buddy, he thought Srinivasan would be obliged to be here at this moment ahead of him especially when his friend was in a serious condition admitted in hospital. They went back and were waiting in front of ICU to hear from doctor.

As the neatly dressed doctor came out of ICU, Karthik slowly stepped backwards as he didn’t want to hear what the doctor was about to say in fear.

Few Weeks Later,

Karthik at work met Prem, his former project colleague. Prem was a highly disciplined and  religious person. He was more into religion for his age and Karthik was always in awe at his knowledge on religion. He used have a Lord Shiva picture as a desktop picture. Karthik knew every year, Prem would go to a temple and he would give prasadam and asked him why he didn’t give prasadam this time around.

“I didn’t go to the temple this time. I had to cancel the trip at the last moment because one of my colleague’s brother passed away. I have to start again the whole fasting, so I decided to go during off season in March and that time I will give you the prasadham

Karthik was happy to hear that Prem decided to look beyond religion. Even today many religions see death as a bad omen and Karthik hopes that some day people will use their heart and question these customs rather than blindly following them.

************************************************The End ************************************************

About the author Nirmal: Nirmal is a long standing pal of mine. He is one of the people who pestered me to start a blog. He has a blog where he talks about people he interacts in his life. His central theme has been relationships, soccer and movies. He also writes short stories. This is one of them.

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September 28, 2009 at 11:46 am

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MJ – Gone Too Soon

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I never ever had a thought that he could die one day. I was looking forward to his comeback tour. He was ridiculed for his eccentric life style. He was hated. He was misunderstood. His fans went berserk and fainted at the sight of him. His personal life was a mess. But you gotta admit. He had an overwhelming number of fans across the world. They loved him for his skill to entertain people and contribution to music. Its a tragedy that he is not alive to see how many people adore him.

It was very emotional when MJ’s daughter Paris spoke on the stage. Its the first time I saw her speaking in the public. I struggled to keep a dry eye. I agree with Stevie Wonder. He said that God took MJ away because He wanted him more than us mortals. Who knows? MJ might be demonstrating the moonwalk to God and the Devil right now, as we speak.

The first song I heard was Thriller when I was a small kid. I mistook him for a lady. My mother corrected me. She said MJ was a guy and he is a very popular singer. After some years, Doordarshan – the public TV broadcaster aired a weekly show which showcased MJ’s music videos. It was hosted by Javed Jaffery. I think this happened in 1993. His music videos were catchy and good to hear. His persona changes a complete 180 degree when he goes on stage. He was an electrifying performer. I believe that kids usually have some idols whom they look up to and imitate. My friends had Rajini. I had MJ. (and Arnie too)

His nearest rivals were in the 60s – The Beatles and Elvis. But, I didn’t live in that era. So, I will always rate MJ above them. MJ became a legend in the 80’s and early 90s. I wonder who will be the next legend. I wish that someone else comes up to fill his shoes. In the meantime, I am looking forward to hear his unreleased songs, the O2 rehearsals and etc in the future.

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July 15, 2009 at 9:02 pm

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Singalong Session II

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LP 2Two new members joined the troupe  – Blitz and 666.  Two song veteran -SonOfGun took the lead and gave directions to the newbies. Kaatha is on a break to strengthen his vocal chords. The guitar was played by me.

Enjoy! Its the same drill- do no expect god level skill; Hear with headphones.

The chords for Paattu Paadavaa are found here.

The chords for Vellai Pookal are found here.

The chords for Adho Antha Paravai are found here. This was sung without any practice.  Someone started to sing a few seconds late. Someone got over enthusiastic in the end!

Kaathamuthu’s voice was sorely missed.  We hope to utilize his skill after his return from  hiatus. On a side note, people are welcome to join this garbage band ..I mean garage band. Highly skilled people will not be accepted because this is not the place for you and we will feel lousy for not being able to match your skill! ^_^

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May 6, 2009 at 6:02 pm

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Singalong Session (For music enthusiasts)

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LP 2My room mates Kaatha, SonOfGun and I had a fun session singing tamil songs with guitar accompaniment during the weekend. None of us have a voice suited for singing. But, we realized that singing in chorus hides  some bad qualities of our voice. ^_^

Professional singers and musicians will probably spit at us after hearing these. But, what the heck! We loved it and had a good time. Using headphones is recommended because audio is poor. I haven’t found out the way to record in good quality.

The chords for Kodai Kaala Kaatre are found here.

The chords for Netru Illatha Maatram are found here.

There were numerous retakes to make the songs pleasant to hear. The problem would be not stressing a word or not humming for extended period.  Sometimes, it is plain lack of attention just like this one. Pay attention after the 17th second.

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April 11, 2009 at 6:19 pm

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